What is IOT? Definition of the “internet of things”

IoT Definitions. Answers to the question What is IOT?, the meaning of the term "internet of things" and other basic questions about IOT.


Definitions of IoT, Answers to the question “What is IOT”, the meaning of the term “internet of things” and other basic questions about IOT.
For the last few years, the IOT word has started to buzz around the corporate boardrooms, technical forums and the college campuses. What really does “IOT” or the “internet of things” mean? IOT really is not too complex.
what is iot
IOT” or the “internet of things” stands for a network connecting everyday devices. Thats all!

Some basic questions on the internet of things and (hopefully) some easy answers :

internet of things-FAQs

1What is IOT Communication:

The devices in an IOT network collect data and communicate this data with the network.

2What are the sensors in IOT devices used for:

The devices in an IOT network collect data from the real world using sensors.

3 Is Internet Connectivity necessary for IOT devices :

The IOT network could be connected to the internet,though it is strictly not mandatory.

4Can the definition of IOT just be “connectivity of devices”?

IOT or the “internet of things” also implies collection of real world data typically thru sensors, in addition to sharing this data with the network.

5Can you give me an example of an IOT network

Imagine a traditional fire alarm in a house. Instead of just buzzing, an IOT enabled fire alarm can now send an alert in the form of a text message to the local fire station. Here the IOT capable fire alarm device uses a sensor to detect the fire and then communicates with the network to send the right alert.

IOT is typically associated with smart homes, smart cities, smart automobiles and smart energy systems. But really, the internet of things could span across all household devices and any industrial device as well. For example, switching on your IOT enabled washing machine at home using your mobile phone from office is already possible.

The Internet of things essentially combines sensor technologies with connectivity technologies. IOT connectivity technologies include Bluetooth Low Energy , Wi-Fi, Zigbee, 6LoWPAN, Sub 1 Ghz and other technologies that we have all heard about.

8Are many technology companies involved with the Internet of Things? Why cant I work on this cool technology?

Almost every company in the world is discussing using IOT technologies to drive business or efficiency. It is not just technology companies which are focused on IOT. For example, your neighbourhood superstore is probably piloting an IOT project on auto-replenishment of inventory or dynamic display of prices based on supply and demand. In terms of technology companies, you have some IOT companies focused on IOT hardware, some companies are focused on IOT software, while some other companies are focused on system integration and Big Data generated by IOT devices.

9How big is the internet of things?

Various research estimates suggest that there will be 20 billion to 50 billion IOT enabled devices connected by 2020. That’s a lot of IOT devices!

10So, that means more data access thru the internet of things?

Sure! That’s why “IOT” or the internet of things is synonymous with “Big Data”. Terabytes of data will be generated every day by IOT devices and making sense of this data is key to developing better IOT applications.

11Isnt all this IOT data collection dangerous? What if someone hacks into my car when I am driving?

This is the classic fear that any new technology generates. Science fiction books and movies often have a person’s car or toy turn against the human. This raises important questions on whether IOT or the “internet of things” is safe or whether the world is ready is for IOT devices. So, IOT security is always an important topic of discussion

On this balanced note, I hope that I have answered some of your questions on the definitions of IOT technologies or the internet of things!



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