What is 6LoWPAN? Understand the 6LoWPAN basics to see how this wireless mesh technology fits into IOT?

Basics of 6LoWPAN . An explanation of how 6LoWPAN brings the internet to low power IOT devices.


1What are the basics of 6LoWPAN technology? How does it bring the internet to low power IOT devices?

The 6LoWPAN technology attempts to solve the classic IOT problem. Low Power devices with limited processing power need to be part of the internet of things. Using 6LowPAN, the smallest of the IOT devices can now be part of the network and can talk to the outside world.

2The basics of 6LoWPAN are best explained with an example.

Look at this example of 6LoWPAN’s utility applied to LED streetlights.Imagine a classic example of LED streetlights. Assume you needed to switch off all the streetlights in your street using an app in your smartphone. You would need a mechanism to communicate with the individual streetlights which may have almost zero power. However, the amount of data you need to exchange may be very limited. You will need just a command to switch off the LED. In this context, the 6LoWPAN technology would IOT enable the LED streetlights.In addition, the LED streetlights can be switched off from the other side of the planet thru IPV6.

3What is 6LoWPAN : Just a marriage of IPV6 with Low Power Personal Area Networks to connect IOT devices

6lowpan IPV6 over Lowpan

Wondering why there is so much hype about 6LoWPAN? IP based Technology has progressed over the last three decades. More importantly, IP based networks form the foundation of the internet itself. Because it extends IP based addressing to individual low power devices (read : “nodes” for the geeks), 6LowPan promises to bring more devices to the internet

The 6LoWPan technology is nothing but a simple wireless mesh technology that makes the individual nodes IP-enabled. This typically involves IEEE 802.15.4 nodes as part as the IEEE 802.15.4 network

4What about security in 6LoWPan networks for IOT devices

As detailed in this analysis of 6LoWPAN wireless security, 6LoWPAN security for IOT devices does exist in the form of a “Secure Mode” and ACL (Access Control List) keys. However, the transport layer and the application layer are probably the best ways to implement security in 6LoWPAN wireless mesh networks for IOT devices.

56LoWPAN vs Zigbee : Understand the basics to see which wireless mesh technology is better.

The 6LoWPAN vs Zigbee technology debate does not have a clear winner yet. The 6LoWPAN wireless technology offers easier communication with any IP based network. Zigbee is clearly the more mature wireless mesh technology.

6Applications based on 6LoWPAN

home automation 6LoWPAN

Smart meters and the smart grid are the most popular applications for the 6LoWPAN technology. In addition,6LoWPAN holds enormous promise in home automation applications such as lighting


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