Reviews of Sub 1ghz modules & Dev Kits

Choose The Best Sub 1Ghz Modules, including transceivers and optional MCUs for your IOT application.


Top 3 Sub 1Ghz modules you should use to prototype your wireless IOT product

So, you understand what is Sub 1Ghz and you are eager to try out your first IOT application using Sub 1Ghz modules. Read on to choose your first Sub 1Ghz Module / dev kit to prototype your IOT product.

Summary of Sub 1 Ghz dev kits & modules to prototype your first Sub 1Ghz based wireless IOT product

Si4455 Sub 1Ghz Dev kit
Si4455 Wireless Development Kit

cc1310 TI Sub 1Ghz modules

sx127x Sub1 Ghz Module
This summary chart below should help you select the best Sub-1Ghz development tools for your IOT application.

Manufacturer of Sub 1Ghz Module / Dev Kit Sub 1Ghz Module Why you should choose this Sub 1 Ghz dev kit
Semtech SX127X Wireless Modules Includes close integration of module with popular STM32 platform
Texas Instruments CC1310 Wireless Microcontroller Launchpad Development Kit for Sub 1Ghz Sub 1 Ghz Module includes a powerful Arm Cortex M3 MCU for your IOT products. Long range mode can support upto 100 km!
Silicon Labs EzRadio Si4455 Wireless Development Kit Low cost chip with Sub 1 Ghz Dev Kit with support for IOT products in multiple Sub 1Ghz spectrum bands such as 468Mhz, 868Mhz and 915Mhz

Review Of CC1310 Wireless Microcontroller Launchpad Development Kit / Module by TI : Easy Powerful Prototyping for IOT products

cc1310 TI Sub 1Ghz wireless module

CC1310 Launchpad Dev Kit is a fantastic module to kickstart your Sub 1Ghz IOT product. The best features of the CC1310 Module:

    • Powerful Arm Cortex M3 MCU for your IOT product. This is of course apart from the Sub 1Ghz radio. The availability of a powerful ARM Cortex M3 MCU provides brute power to your IOT product. You are also saved from the efforts of buying and (painfully) integrating another MCU into your design.
    • Long Range mode: The long range mode support over a Sub 1Ghz radio has been demonstrated to be over 100 km. This of course involves a clear line of sight. In dense areas, you can still get a range of 1-10 km. This makes it perfect for metering AMR IOT applications, but is also a great choice for agricultural IOT applications.
    • The Launchpad ecosystem of TI (Texas Instruments) : The Launchpad ecosystem of TI has matured greatly. These modules & dev kits are fantastic for developing IOT prototypes at a low cost.

In Summary, the CC1310 Launchpad module / Sub 1 Ghz Dev Kit is a good choice, if you need a powerful MCU for your Sub 1Ghz IOT product

Review Of EzRadio Si4455 Wireless Development Kit / Module by Silicon Labs : Low-Cost Prototyping for Sub 1Ghz IOT products

Si4455 Sub 1Ghz Dev kit

The coolest features of the Si4455 wireless Development Kit/ Module:

      • The Si4455 provides a good transceiver for your wireless Sub 1Ghz IOT application. This module is available for all Sub 1Ghz frequencies such as 434Ghz, 868Ghz & 915Ghz
      • The Si4455 is really low cost. This Sub 1 Ghz module provides a good reliable transceiver with 2 inbuilt antennas at a good cost to get you started on your Sub 1Ghz IOT product design quickly

In summary, the EzRdio Si4455 Sub 1Ghz module from Silicon Labs is a great option for your IOT prototype if you are looking for a good low cost reliable development kit. Incidentally, Si4455 Sub1Ghz module is the winner of the “Editor’s Choice Award” for the best Sub 1Ghz module.

Reviews of Semtech SX127X Wireless Sub 1Ghz Modules

sx127x Sub 1 Ghz dev kit

Why you should consider SX127X Wireless Sub1 Ghz Modules / dev kits:

      • SX127XX provides great demonstration of Lorawan’s long range capabilities at low bit rates
      • Includes a transceiver and two antennas
      • Eiger Platform for the SX127X module makes it easy to develop IOT prototypes. Easy integration with popular STM32 MCU platforms make SX127X easy to use for STM32 experts.

In summary, the SX127X Sub 1 Ghz dev kit is a great choice for your Sub 1Ghz IOT prototype, if you want to test out LoraWan’s long range feature. Of course, it helps if you love the STM32 MCU platform

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