IOT DDOS Attacks | How The Mirai Botnet Almost Brought the Internet Down

Learn how The Mirai Botnet attack led to huge internet outages thru denial of service attacks thru IOT devices.


1IOT DDOS Attacks : 4 Steps that show how the Mirai Botnet Attack Unfolded

Infographic From showing how the IOT Zombie DDOS Botnet attacks unfolded.

Firstly,to understand how the IOT DDOS Attacks took place, we need to step back a few years.
IOT connected DVR
This was the time the first connected IOT DVRs and cameras were designed.
IOT designer boss
Obviously, the designer or most probably the boss, forgot to take the mandatory “IT Security 101” and the “IOT Security 101” training courses.

As a result, the default passwords on these IOT devices were obvious on the open port. This made the IOT connected DVRs and cameras a sitting duck for the bots and were infected quite easily

2Botnet Attack: IOT Connected devices infected more of their kin

The connected DVRs and cameras then went on to infect more such devices, forming dangerous botnets. The IOT Connected DVRs and cameras were sold all over the world. Finally, dangerous botnets with a worldwide reach, developed.

The Mirai Botnet is supposed to be the most powerful among these botnets. The botnets are like nuclear warheads that are ready to launch DDOS attacks on any potential victim

3IOT DDOS Attacks: Mirai botnet triggers an denial of service attack on DYN

Its not really clear why DYN,one of the domain network service (DNS) providers, was subject to the DDOS attack. Was the Denial of service attack a failed ransoming attempt, an attack by a national agency or just a random attack? No one really knows.

We only know that the infected IOT bots as part of the Mirai botnet launched a DDOS attack on a really large scale. The scale was so unprecedented that even popular websites such as Twitter was down for a while

The IOT DDOS attack caused entire countries and regions to be without the internet for several hours.The botnet attack driven Denial of Service (DOS) attacks lasted for quite a few days before subsiding in intensity.

4Can the IOT DDOS attacks thru channels such as the Mirai botnet recur?

Of course, the Denial of service attacks can and will recur! The Mirai botnet is still regrouping, but definitely can attack again. This IOT DDOS attack is just the beginning. In addition, there are several other vulnerabilities in IOT connected products that can be exploited for DDOS attacks using botnets.

How can you protect your website from similar DDOS attacks

Learn the 17 Steps on how to block & fix DDOS attacks.
In addition,you need to take IT Security seriously. Finally, please change those default passwords in the IOT devices!



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