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Bluetooth Low Energy ( BLE )

Bluetooth Low Energy is a wireless technology based on Bluetooth that supports devices that run on low power. Ideal for the Internet Of Things.

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IOT Awards For The Best Bluetooth (BLE) Prototype Development Kits

Editor's Choice & Developer's Awards for the best IOT Bluetooth (BLE) development prototype tools & kits in the market Plugintoiot.com Editor's choice for the best BLE prototyping tool Gold Award Winner : nRF52 –...

4 Key Differences : Bluetooth Classic Vs Bluetooth Smart Vs Bluetooth Smart Ready

4 key differences between Classic Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Energy devices You have hearing these buzzwords "Bluetooth Classic", "Bluetooth Smart", "Bluetooth Smart Energy", "Bluetooth LE", "Bluetooth 4.0" & "Bluetooth Low...
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Reviews of the best BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) prototyping IOT hardware platforms

You have a brilliant idea for a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based IOT product. You have made your decision between Bluetooth low energy and Bluetooth Classic and perhaps Bluetooth 5.You are...